The Lady Eve


This is without a doubt my favorite movie we’ve viewed so far in this class. I think it must have been the humor.  The jokes were definitely more straightforward in this film compared to the rest of the films I’ve seen in class. I would classify it as a romantic comedy, but not like the romantic comedies that come out these days. The story line was unlike any other movie I have ever seen before, which in my opinion is a very rare case. The humor in this movie was like no other. Although the jokes were simple to understand compared to the jokes in other movies we’ve watched in this class, they did require a little thinking, unlike jokes in most movies that come out nowadays, which is something I appreciated.


When I first started watching the movie, I was under the impression that  Eve was just going to be another golddigger like the other females in the movie trying to get Charles Pike’s attention and eventually gain his affection. Then it appeared she was clever and knew exactly how to get his attention and affection – by being different. Charles Pike character was different than what I’d expected. I assumed that due to his money he would be pretentious and uppity, but he was actually quite down to earth and even kind of dumb, in an innocent way. Naive would be a good word to describe him. It was evident he had good intentions and a big heart, and he was very sweet, especially to Eve.  I thought they really made a nice pair, until I learned the truth about Eve’s “father” (I’m still not sure if he was actually her father or not?) – that he was a card shark, and so was Eve. I have to admit I loved the idea of the father-daughter scam artists.


One thing this film had that you don’t see often is the element of the surprise. I was completely taken aback when the truth was revealed about Eve and her father being professional gamblers, trying to rip off Charles Pike. I was even more surprised when it was revealed that Eve’s father was consistently lying to Eve about not trying to rip off Pike. When it was shown that he actually kept the 32,000 dollar check he received from Pike after beating him (by cheating) in a card game, I was shocked. I really believed that he ripped it.  I loved that this movie kept me on my toes, that is something I always look for when determining if a movie is quality or not.


It was sort of silly and hard to believe that Charles didn’t recognize the difference between Jean and Eve. At first this was turning me off from the validity and quality of the movie, but after a while things got explained more and it made sense. I believe it was said that Eve and Jean were supposed to be twins? I’m not sure if I’m right about that or not. It was funny how Charles was feeding the same lines to Jean as he fed to Eve, but in a way I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal because they were in fact the same person. It was also HILARIOUS how the horse kept ruining the scenes when he was trying to be sweet and romantic. I liked that Charles noted the similarity with the perfume Eve wore and the perfume Jean wore. This related to the movie “M” because it showed other senses than sight can help you realize something – in “M” the whistle of the murderer is what caught him.


Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It was clever, funny, original, and unexpected. The work of the actors and actresses was definitely notable. There is really nothing I can complain about, I would rate this movie 5 stars. A masterpiece, and a classic.

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